February 17, 2019 Wendy Wang

CHINA Technology: Growth and Impact

“China’s technology has been steadily rising in the past decade and is on the path to global dominance.”

Rose Tornandeso, www. nexthub.com

Ambitious and eager; China is on the road to becoming the top-ranked innovation nation globally by 2020-2035.

There is no doubt that China is already ahead of the entire world in technology and innovation

Floating Solar Power Plant

Floating solar power plant located in Huainan, China

Located in Huainan, the floating solar power plant can provide a sufficient amount of power for a town. In general, China is deeply invested in wind, hydro, and solar power. Furthermore, China is constantly dealing with poor pollution levels. According to bloomerg.com, “[an] independent research group Berkeley Earth estimated it contributed to 1.6 million deaths per year in the country”. Solar power plants can significantly improve the environment as it can reduce water pollution and improve public health, etc. Therefore, it more than beneficial to implicate solar power plants around China as it is a sustainable way to move to clean energy production.

Alipay and WeChat Pay

Consumers in China are thriving without a wallet filled with cash. The rise of mobile payment in China has significantly impacted China both socially and economically.

Specifically, Alipay and WeChat Pay are the dominant forms of mobile payment in China. Upon payment, consumers simply need to scan a QR code to proceed to mobile payment. Wether you are eating out at a restaurant or taking a cab, Alipay and WeChat pay is practically everywhere.

Customers can buy traditional Chinese calligraphy brushes at this Xi’an, China, store using QR payment codes. From left to right: WeChat Pay, Alipay and the QR code for the store’s WeChat account.
Consumers can buy calligraphy brushes by scanning a QR code

Though the US has not completely jumped on the bandwagon yet, mobile payment is trying to expand globally. According to nextstephub.com, Alipay is already trying to expand to the US; making a deal with more than 4 million US merchants who are interested in this service.

A dessert store worker scans a mobile QR payment code in Beijing, China, while the blue sign below promotes the store’s use of Alipay.
A consumer paying at a dessert store through Alipay

Waste-to-Energy Plant

Covered with photovoltaic panels on the exterior, the waste-to-energy plant located in Shenzhen, China will be in operation by 2020. Obtaining the most advanced technology; it is estimated that the waste-to-energy plant will successfully destroy 5,000 tons of trash every day.

The sleek and modern structure is the world’s largest waste-to-energy plant in the world. This project is significant and beneficial to the environment as Shenzhen produces 15,000 tonnes of waste a day (https://www.archdaily.com/909843/worlds-largest-waste-to-energy-plant-set-to-open-next-year-in-shenzhen).

Shenzhen East Waste-to-Energy Plant. Image Courtesy of Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Gottlieb Paludan
Waste-to-Energy Plant located in Shenzhen, China

Open to the public, visitors are welcome to enter the park and view the plant from the entrance lobby. The waste-to-energy plant is not only a benefit for the environment; however, it is also a wonderful source of education for the public.

“China technology’s rise to fame in the tech industry can do wonders for both startups and consumers.”

Rose Tornadeso

It is significant that China is a victorious powerhouse; successfully dominating the world of technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation. As China is beginning to integrate their successful startups and notable products to the foreign world, there is no doubt that competition will rise. However, healthy competition will enable creativity, communication, and relationships.

One will continue to be intrigued and curious as to what China will bring next to the table. A space drone? An AI scientist? Personalities for robots? Internet for everyone?


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