February 16, 2020 Abby Ray

How AI is Compatible For Your Kitchen

Invest in the future

Technology in the culinary industry has revolutionized in the past decade. The realization that a device such as the Amazon Alexa can cause easier and faster ways to complete everyday tasks, led to the creation of AI appliances.

The use of smart Alexa and the engineering of new-of-age appliances will forever shape kitchens and the interaction between artificial intelligence and the human race.

#1 The AI Refrigerator – Would you ever think that ordering groceries from your refrigerator was possible? Well, the interactive LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator, with built in Alexa, ties time management and easy to use applications into one. Being able to listen to recipes, order groceries, and know what is exactly in your refrigerator without even opening it, is possible due to this new-of-age innovation. 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiNrQ6vb7Cw

#2 The AI Amazon Smart Oven – Connecting your phone to your oven in order to preheat it was never an everyday availability until now. The ability to interactively send recipes from your fridge to the oven in order for it to preheat to the desired temperature, was unimaginable. The connection from one technology, an iPhone, to the next, an oven, shows how much technology has advanced in recent years. This oven revolutionizes the use of technology and further the benefits of investing in an appliance like this.


#3 The AI LG Smart Dishwasher – Being able to start a cycle and know exactly when one cycle is done, was created to benefit the greater good of everyone. The interaction between an app and a dishwasher is now possible. The LG Smart Dishwasher shows the ability of modern technology and what time saving technology brings to the table.


#4 Smart Microwaves – The use of technology and its benefits have skyrocketed, and the invention of a smart microwave further proves this. The smart microwave is operated through an Amazon Alexa and can trigger defrosting, cooking, and timers all through the use of voice control. 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkyNASh5rls

New applications and appliances are being engineered and created everyday, and the use of them are only going to increase in the decades to come. In today’s day of age everyone is looking to free up time, and what better way than to buy an appliance compatible for exactly that. Artificial intelligence in today’s modern kitchens is becoming a reality. Kitchens are where humans gather to debate, discuss, and most importantly bring people together. Not only are these appliances easy to use and beneficial to all, yet they are compatible and aesthetically pleasing.  Consider the kitchen in your house and what AI can help create in such an acclaimed space. 

By: Abigail Ray


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