February 19, 2019 Bonnie Ko

How does Technology affect Art Industry?

Art influences people’s lives; it changes people. Technology, on the other hand, plays a huge role in human lives ever since it developed. Now, here comes the question: Can technology and art influence each other as they develop? Interestingly, modern art is remarkably affected by technology.

Oil paint, Panel painting

John Lasseter, a former chief creative officer of Walt Disney Animation Studios claimed “The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” Like what he said, nowadays the art industry is so much different from what it was back then when technology was not a big thing. Since the digital revolution, people’s interest in art arose as applied science allowed people to share the information of the places exhibiting a beautiful piece of artwork all over the world. With the usage of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…etc, the rate at which people visited museum and art exhibitions increased exponentially.

Digital art gradually became popular ever since electronic components developed, taking over the place of traditional arts. According to the article “How Has Technology Changed Art?”, traditional art needs cement and paints whereas digital art requires “imaging software and applications.” In contrast to having to buy all the art materials to draw a piece of art, the materials needed for digital art are simple to get, since all the supplies comes from applied science. The growth of technology gave many artists and art lovers the opportunity to show their talent easily, thus helping the art industry to reach its potential. It is easy to exhibit what one draw these days since electronics enables artists to post their artwork online. It allows people to have communication between art lovers and the artist. It can be used in many ways, as its software provides artists with different skills, letting them show more creativity.

Digital Painting

Technology permits digital artists to make money. Digital artists not only can create and perform their art by utilizing technology but can also earn money for their work. People around the world utilize social media to share their favorite piece to people while allowing certain pieces of art to gain many views, thus increasing the value of that art piece. The artist can sell that art piece of theirs, to earn money. Digital artist can earn money through customizing art for the individuals. Social networking allows art lovers to have access to digital artists, enabling them to request artists for a specific composition. Digital artists design what the customer wants, and gets paid for their work. Through the progression of social media, it became easier for many artists to continue the work without having to worry about their incomes.

Many things are allowed when technology gets involved. It helps people to be paid, to gain popularity, and to share with people who live all across the ocean. As much as art influenced technology, technology affected the art along with its whole industry.





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