February 21, 2019 Tania Farah

How Technology is changing the Fashion Industry

It all started with computers. A few years ago, a group of men had the impactful idea to create a very special box named computer. These boxes have evolved into something that has revolutionized every single industry, even created new jobs.

The fashion industry is no exception to this revolution. Computers have found a way to impact the way fashion works, changing its traditional ways:

Change # 1: Online Shopping

Not a long time ago, in order to shop, people had to actually get out of their houses and go to a store. Nowadays, people can shop while sitting on their couch at the same time. Computers have created the concept of online shopping. People now have access to an immense amount of stores at the same time, which makes the shopping process more efficient. People now have the opportunity to compare different brands, their pricing, their style, etc. Online shopping has become so impactful that many physical stores are now starting to close. People are switching from physical shopping to online shopping, which puts many stores out of business.

Change # 2: 3D Printed Clothes

Technology is quickly advancing. It experiences new changes every day, one of these being 3D printers. 3D printing has allowed the creation of pretty much everything. There is 3D printed toys, food, and of course, clothes. One example is the New York fashion label threeASFOUR , that has found a way to 3D print a special fabric that adapts to the body.

Change # 3: Augmented Reality

The Fashion Industry is currently experiencing a huge change. One of the main issues of shopping is that people don’t usually want to try on clothes, but want their new pieces to fit well. Augmented Reality has made this possible. With the help of a smart mirror, users are now able to overlay clothes on them, seeing the fit of the clothes without trying them on. This is helping various stores reduce the number of returned items.