February 18, 2019 Sarah Spence

Innovation in the Movie Industry


Movie-theater technology has significantly developed since its beginning days of soundless black and white movies in prestigious movie theaters. Now, digital enterntainment has reached our homes and has become an essential part of our everyday routine. The average American watches 2.8 hours of television per day. 3-D movies aim to allow viewers to interact with the film, but many viewers argue that 3-D movie theater technology is a publicity stunt that does not add quality to the movie watching experience. How does the movie industry use innovative technology to create modern films now that 2-D and 3-D movies have lost their novelty?

New technologies could revolutionize the way we think of a movie watching experiences allowing the audience to interact with the film in ways that 3D movies and 2D movies would not allow. “Choose your own adventure” movies, for example, would allow viewers to create the storyline of their own movie. Viewers would be able to vote on choices that lead to different potential outcomes. These types of movies would also allow a single movie to be interesting to a variety of audiences and motivate viewers to watch the movie multiple times to view different potential outcomes.

Virtual reality movies are also starting to become more popular and allow audiences to be completely immersed in the film and be able to choose what they will focus on during their movie experience. Currently, virtual reality is mostly being used for the gaming industry, but producers are exploring the opportunities in virtual reality films. Since virtual reality allows viewers to decide what to focus on within the frame, directors would have to change their conception of a storyline and create movies that replicate experiences rather than a concrete stories. There are no guidelines set for virtual reality movies yet, so producers are encouraged to experiment with their virtual reality films to create a new genra of film entertainment.