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LEGO™ Sim City Civics & STEAM Program to develop

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Welcome to our signature program – “Building a City with LEGO Bricks.” This unique program is designed specifically for elementary-level students and aims to provide an engaging and hands-on learning experience.

In this program, students will use LEGO bricks to simulate the process of constructing a new city as citizens. Through this activity, they will learn the critical 6c skills that are essential for success in the future: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, cultural competency, and character education.

The use of LEGO bricks as a learning tool provides an opportunity for students to explore their creativity and imagination while developing these critical skills. Building a city requires teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, all of which are crucial skills that will benefit students throughout their academic and professional careers.

Moreover, through this program, students will also gain an understanding of the different cultures and customs that make up a city, leading to cultural competency and appreciation. Additionally, the program emphasizes the importance of character education, promoting values such as responsibility, respect, and empathy.

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is more important than ever to equip students with the necessary skills to navigate the challenges of the future. By participating in “Building a City with LEGO Bricks,” students will be well-prepared for success in the 21st century workforce.

We are committed to providing innovative and engaging learning experiences that prepare our students for the future. We believe that this program is an excellent opportunity for elementary-level students to develop critical 6c skills and have fun while doing it.

What students will explore:

  • How to be a responsible global citizen
  • Civics education that includes government, economics, and urban planning
  • Learning financial literacy
  • Building a sustainable future
  • Leadership and individual leadership styles
  • Pushing the boundaries and intellectual risk-taking
  • How to collaborate and work as a team member
  • Personally beliefs and value systems
  • Identify particular global issues they feel passionate about and doing something about to create a positive impact in the world

Summary of program goals:

  • Develop the ability to think critically about global change and a deeper understanding of the interconnected and interdependent nature of our world
  • Practice solving real-world problems using STEAM, along with an increased understanding of how governments function
  • Design, develop and present their mini projects
  • Develop cross-cultural knowledge, empathy, and communication skills

Program Details and Registration Info


Next Cohort/Session:

  • Dates: July-August 2022
  • Topic: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Location: Virtual
  • Level: Middle School | High School cohorts


  • Class content:
    • Learn how to leverage technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to solve global problems (e.g. UN SDG)
    • Design thinking and rapid prototyping
    • Leadership and empowerment
    • Identify a global issue, develop inquiry, and begin research
    • Social Enterprise Proposal Development
  • Guest speakers and panels 
    • Opportunity to hear from leaders around the world in various industries
    • Site visits
  • Collaborate with students from around the world

The program will culminate in a final project & presentations that could also be used to enter competitions, form real-world social enterprises, and/or research opportunities. 

This program is open to a few passionate students who wants to learn and practice how to positive impact the community and the world!


  • 2x 2 hour weekly live sessions
  • 2-4 hour weekly small group meetups
  • 3 hour/week asynchronous reviews and assignments (e.g. videos)


  • Live (also recorded) class via ZOOM
  • Asynchronous class via CANVAS
  • A laptop, desktop, or smartphone is required 
  • SLACK app will be used for communication


$ –

COVID19 PROTOCOL (for in-person program only)

  • The program is subject to move online or become restricted, depending on local laws and regulations.
  • Students must show proof of vaccination and if eligible, a booster shot.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times other than eating and drinking time.
  • Rapid testing will be performed the first day and students may be subject to quarantine depending on local laws.
  • Must show a proof of health insurance coverage.


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Interdisciplinary approach (STEAM + Humanities)

The Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program is an interdisciplinary program that combines both STEAM and humanities. For example, we would want a computer programmer to be ethical and understand how human connections work when coding a new mobile app; similarly, we wouldn’t want a politician tasked to make transportation policies without understanding how autonomous driving technology works. Consequently, in this program, students will learn to harness technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship skills and experiences to think critically and problem-solve real-world problems through launching projects (e.g. launching a website, social media campaign, mobile app, launching a company or NGO, publishing research papers).


Students will use math and technology to start business, calculate costs, earn income, and make purchases. Architecture and sustainable building practices will be taught and utilized.

Culture & Language

Immersive language learning is one of the best methods to learn and practice foreign languages. This encourages students to build empathy with other cultures and identities.

6Cs (21C skills)

Develop core competencies that kids need to survive and thrive in an ever-changing global world. These skills include character, citizenship, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

Examples of T.I.E. topics covered

Blockchain Technologies

Financial Literacy


Design Thinking

AI & Machine Learning

Finance & Accounting


Digital Marketing

The social entrepreneurial design process and final deliverables

Examples of Final Projects

Research Paper

Competition Entry

Start Up

Mobile App

Why should you JOIN?

Joining the Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program will boost your college and job prospects. Not only would you learn more about the latest innovations in this rapidly changing age, but the world will also benefit from your efforts in the program.

Technological advancements are accelerating the rate of change in just about everything. But education hasn't kept pace. We must transform how we learn!

The STEAM field needs YOU

This is true for anyone, but particularly for girls and students of color. Currently, women make up only 15-25% of the current STEM workforce, demonstrating the serious lack of female representation in the STEAM fields. This may result in more sexist views about females in STEAM, a broader gender salary gap, fewer female role models now and in the future, and many more deteriorating consequences. The statistics get further skewed for women of color. This must change! We want to empower you!

Better College Opportunities

College’s admissions officers value the skills and qualities demonstrated through your extracurricular activities in your high school career. Participating in the TIE Program provides one of the best opportunities ever to enhance your skills and cultivate strength, resilience, curiosity, and many more integral qualities that they’re looking for.

A Jumpstart to Future Career

It is never too early to plan for the future. The TIE Certificate Program provides the opportunity for you to obtain first-hand experience of different jobs through a variety of internships and potentially formal jobs. This kind of exploration of different jobs during high school is extremely beneficial and precious. Grab the opportunity and start looking into the future right now!

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