February 11, 2019 Jessica Sardilli

Porter’s Entrepreneurship Shark Tank Project

As a senior at Miss Porter’s School, I took an elective course titled Entrepreneurship in the fall semester. I plan on majoring in business in college, so I decided to take the class hoping for a crash-course into the world of business and entrepreneurship. What I got from the class was way more. I had lots of hands-on experience with real-life projects. My favorite project of the semester was the Shark Tank project. This project focused specifically around the topics of entrepreneurship and starting a business. We were tasked with creating a product or service, and then developing a Shark Tank-style pitch to the class. I created the company StayHot, which sells proprietary baseball and softball products meant to keep equipment warm and ready in the winter months. I spent a long time calculating the costs and materials associated with my ideas. Once I finished planning the products, I made a website to sell them and a video demonstrating the concepts. On the day of the pitches, each of the girls in my class represented a different entrepreneur. I was Kristen Tomlan, the founder of Dö Cookie Dough in New York City. We were each given a net worth which we were able to use to invest in each others’ companies. One by one we pitched our product ideas in concise and engaging formats. We graded our classmates based on creativity, innovation, professionalism, and other areas of criteria. I put a lot of work into my company and I was so happy to see that my classmates gave me high scores. I ended up making a deal with a friend of mine who was acting as Elon Musk, hoping that Musk’s knowledge of technology could help me refine my products. Overall, this Shark Tank project in my Entrepreneurship class was a great experience for me.