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Project Description

This app is designed to simplify the college search process by having a virtual college counselor that can provide anything a student might need. With a database full of colleges and their statistics, as well as your own personal profile with all your accomplishments, this app is designed to find the perfect college for you. Ratings and reviews are easily available so that you are aware of what living at a specific college is really like. Acceptance rates, based on your statistics, are offered so that you have a realistic idea of what your chances are of getting into a specific school. With example, Common App Essays along with English professors and admission representatives at the tip of your fingers, the highly stressful and seemingly strenuous college process has become a simplified procedure.

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Project Details

"A helping hand guiding you towards the college of your dreams"
  • App Type: Education/SNS
  • Location: US
  • Launch: Spring 2018