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Project Description

We noticed that students struggle to find decorations and furniture for their dorm that’s affordable, school approved, and fits in their dorm. It can also be stressful when you feel you have to rush to get your dorm decor once you arrive at school in the fall. We want to make a website that makes that easier, and more fun, for students. Schools will partner with us so that we have pictures of actual dorms that students can use to see how their decorations will look, before they get to school. Our website will also offer customized school approved furniture and decorations, depending on what each school allows.

Our website will allow students to design their dorm rooms before moving in by supplying an online inventory of school approved room decor and furniture. They can find high end, yet affordable decorations and furniture for their dorm room. They can also find decor that is within the safety regulations of their school.

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Project Details

"Designing your perfect dorm, one click at a time."

  • App Type: Lifestyle
  • Location: US
  • Launch: Winter 2018