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Project Description

Freshman 15 is an app made for boarding students that allow access to alternative food options. It consists of drivers that are put through extensive security background checks that will deliver the food ordered by students. Students will use our app to order food from a restaurant in the 10-mile radius of their school’s central location. From there, they can request a specific driver for delivery purposes or use any driver on the database. There is a $4 fee for delivery and you can pay for the food and the delivery fee within our app. There are also specific subscriptions and daily/weekly order options that can be selected, to make it easier for users to access their daily needs. While using Freshman 15 students meal options will expand for the better.

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Project Details

"Freshman 15 strives to give students from boarding schools access to alternative food options."
  • App Type: Lifestyle
  • Location: US
  • Launch: Spring 2018