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Project Description

Our app is called MeLDY and the problem that we are addressing is new musicians having a hard time getting discovered and music never being available. This app gives our new musicians a platform to put their music on and branch out. Our app has features such as a chat group which gives artists, new and old, a chance to interact with fans through chat. We also have a discover tab that has all the newest music from various artists and new musicians. You can add the music you like to a playlist, heart it, repost it, and comment. Our app gives you a chance to explore different genres and listen to music for free with the exception of ads. Finally, if you want to find a song that you don’t know, instead of looking it up on google or if you don’t know the lyrics, then you can search it up on the search bar or use the microphone to hum the melody and our recognition system will find the song for you and get it ready to listen.

Project Details

  • App Type: Music
  • Location: US
  • Launch: Fall 2017