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Project Description

At Miss Porter’s, the security system is in place to keep all the students and faculty safe. However, it doesn’t cover all the problems that someone can go through while being on campus. The security system now wants students and faculty to email the school in case there is an emergency. In a serious emergency, there is not enough time to take out a device and send out an email to the whole school. Plus, security may not see the email in time and something could have gone seriously wrong. With the click of a button, our app will automatically send the whole school and security a text message. Along with this, an alert will be sent to all phones of the students and faculty with the location of where the emergency is located.

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Project Details

"The goal of the safety system is to make the Miss Porter’s community day to day life easier and safer while still being efficient."

  • App Type: Lifestyle
  • Location: US
  • Launch: Winter 2018