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Project Description

Travel Hunt is an app where you can pin on a virtual map, places where you’ve been. Along with having pins on the virtual map, if you click on each pin you can view pictures, videos, and places you went from your camera roll. You can also view your friend’s map and see where they’ve been and where they recommend the most. When you go somewhere you’ve never been before, it’s possible to see recommendations and reviews from people in your demographic group, this can be changed in setting whenever. This app also incorporates augmented reality so that whenever you go somewhere, whether it be a museum or a restaurant, all it takes is to open the app and hold up your phone to the site and dozens of reviews will pop up based on your settings and friends. Also, an option for a menu will pop up with reviews on individual menu items.

Project Details

  • Industry: Travel
  • Location: US
  • Project Begin: Fall 2017