February 16, 2019 Elizabeth Song

Robots in Schools?

As technological field advances, new innovative methods are incorporated into schools around the world.

New technological advances are made everyday and are incorporated into our daily lives. But recent advances have put new technology into school around the world. One example are the robot “teachers” in Finnish schools.

The language-teaching machine is comprised of a humanoid robot and an application. This software allows the robot to understand and speak 23 languages, understand students’ requirements, and encourage learning. This innovative methods of teaching as garnered lots of attention for its success.

Learning has taken on a new level in technology. This robot is able to adjust to students’ skill levels and collect info about problems they might be encountering. These new methods have allowed for teachers to adjust their teaching methods.

Teachers believe that these robots provide a more interactive learning experience for pupils. They also allow a judgement free learning zone for kids, especially those who are scared to speak up.

“I think in the new curriculum the main idea is to get the kids involved and get them motivated and make them active. I see Elias as one of the tools to get different kinds of practice and different kinds of activities into the classroom,” – Riika Kolunsarka


More technology is developing in specific school areas, such as math. A new innovative way enables students to practice their mathematical skills. OVObot is a small, blue machine around 10 inches (25 cm) high and resembles an owl, was developed by Finnish AI Robots.

However, right now, these robots are unable to maintain discipline in school pupils, so teacher jobs are safe. For now.

Though these robot presences have been in schools for a while now, more modern technologies like 3-D printing and cloud services are taking a lead. Robots need to be more developed in order to take a more permanent place in schools. These opportunities have allowed smaller start-ups and entrepreneurs to enter the field.

Some entrepreneurs are already successful in the field. Their innovative technology has entered schools and businesses. Max Lobovsky founded Formlabs, a company working towards 3D printing machines. Nico Vansnick, Carlos Ospina and Mike Knox founded BOT Factory, creating 3D printing machines. All of these new ideas have helped create new technology for advancing learning.

So what are you waiting for? Be an entrepreneur and you could be the next creator of the revolutionary technology in schools.

Read more : https://www.reuters.com/article/us-finland-school-robots/techno-teachers-finnish-school-trials-robot-educators-idUSKBN1H31XT