Learn then use skills to intern this summer

Digital Marketing & Branding with Virtual Internship

Digital Marketing & Branding with Summer Internship combines a high-level strategic view of digital marketing and its challenges and opportunities, with a tactical approach using exercises and projects to learn and use the tools and techniques of digital marketers to empower high school students to take on a digital marketing and branding virtual intern role over summer. From the web to mobile, email to apps, social media, and user-generated content, the course will develop a strategic framework for planning and analyzing digital marketing strategies. Students will leave the course with a working knowledge of the tools and processes for creating, managing, and executing digital marketing plans. 

The course will cover the range of digital advertising and marketing channels as well as touch upon new and emerging channels and developments. The discussion will focus on strategies and metrics for success, measurement and optimization techniques, and planning and goal setting. Using a variety of practical tools and techniques in practical exercises and projects, students will gain an understanding of using digital channels to achieve their marketing goals. 

Student teams will gain practical experience in the usage of channels such as

  • Search – SEO and PPC – Optimization and Marketing
  • Display – Banners, Video and Beyond – Advanced topics
  • Email – Design and Deployment
  • Social – Networks, Media, and Content – Inbound Marketing
  • Mobile – Mobile Web, Apps and Ecosystems, Location-Based Services
  • E-commerce – Site Analytics & Conversion Tracking, Branding & Packaging
  • Online Business Models – Direct Sales, Disintermediation and Digital Distribution    
  • Emerging – Gaming, AR, VR, and beyond

Any traditional business now sees the Internet as a vital part of a multi-channel approach to marketing to new customers and servicing the old. This course will explore the Internet as a source of product information, public relations, marketing and advertising medium, a customer relationship management tool, and a customer service channel. Internet marketing and issues such as:

  • Social Media, Behavioral Targeting, and Privacy
  • Tracking and accountability, (incl. click fraud, etc.)
  • Channels of online marketing, from search to email, to banner ads, to blogs, etc.

Speakers and real-life group project companies will provide hands-on experience and real-life feedback from practitioners.

4 weeks of Learning

Combination of live (1-2 a week) Zoom classes and asynchronous classes to learn about digital marketing and branding.

4+ weeks of Internship

Intern with real startup companies applying skills learned. Weekly review and internship support sessions.


Classes and Meetings will be via Zoom. The link will be sent at the start of the program

Scheduled meetings:

Session Date Day Duration US EST/PST Korea Time Zone
1 – Live June 13 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

June 14, Sun 8:30-10am
2 – Live (Recorded) June 17 Wed 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

June 17, Sun 8:30-10am
3 – Live June 20 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

June 21, Sun 8:30-10am
4 – Live (Recorded) June 24 Wed 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

June 25, Sun 8:30-10am
5 – Live June 27 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

June 27, Sun 8:30-10am
6 – Live (Recorded) July 1 Wed 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

July 2, Sun 8:30-10am
7 – Recorded (US holiday) July 4 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

July 5, Sun 8:30-10am
8 – Live (Recorded) July 8 Wed 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

July 9, Sun 8:30-10am
9 – Live  July 11 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

July 12, Sun 8:30-10am
10 – Live July 18 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

July 19, Sun 8:30-10am
11 – Live  July 25 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

July 26, Sun 8:30-10am
12 – Live  Aug 1 Sat 1.5 hr 7:30-9pm EST

4:30-6pm PST

Aug 2, Sun 8:30-10am
13 – FINAL 


Aug 8 Sat 2 hr 7-9pm EST

4-6pm PST

Aug 9, Sun 8-10am

Total time: 3 hrs/wk (20 hours total) of LIVE sessions (also recorded) + 12-15 hrs/wk ASYNCHRONOUS sessions expected (48-60 hours total) for the first month and then internship work begins as 2/week sessions turn into once a week session during the internship period. 


  • Target: High School and College Students around the world
  • Dates: June 13 – August 8, 2021
  • All live sessions will be recorded; no makeups for missed classes
  • Asynchronous learning will occur through Canvas
  • Instruction: English
  • Cost: US$1,550

To Register, please use the link below: