February 11, 2019 Sarah Wagner

Technology’s Influence on Education

Technological advancements, especially the internet, have greatly influenced the education system in the US. Google and other web browsers have made it possible for students to have unlimited information at their fingertips. Learning is no longer restricted to the classroom, and students can use online classes, videos, images, and websites to further their understanding of a topic. The internet has expanded the availability of education and many colleges are making their curriculum accessible from everywhere in the world by creating online classes. Students can easily communicate with their teachers and with other students. They can send papers or ask their teachers questions and can communicate from around the world about common topics and research. The internet has fostered a huge community of online users with the ability to interact with one and other. Even adults have access to this information and can continue to learn years after finishing college. Learning and education can be a lifelong practice, accessed by people of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Furthermore materials can be taught in a variety of ways using apple tv and projectors. Technology can help accommodate the learning style of many students.

However, technology also has downsides in the learning environment.  Although it makes information more readily available, it also opens up students to a world of fake news and misinformation. Students must be taught to find reliable sources. Another concern is that technology can create a lack of focus among students, as they get distracted by social media or playing games. Computer based learning can create a disconnect from social interactions. Lastly, technology can foster cheating in the classroom and on assignments. On the whole, technology is a benefit that creates a more flexible and collaborative learning environment, but is not a meant as a replacement for a teacher. Technology opens its users to new experiences and discoveries, and creates a collaborative learning environment.





by Sarah Wagner