February 18, 2019 Jessica Sardilli

The Future of Next Gen Stats and the NFL

In the Digital Marketing class at Miss Porter’s School, we watched a video on YouTube called “The Future of Next Gen Stats | NFL NEXT”.


The video talks about how Next Gen Stats is incorporating innovation and technology into football in order to improve performance of professional athletes. They believe they are the beginning of endless possibilities for the combination of technology and football.

Next Gen Stats has partnered with the NFL, Zebra Technologies, and Wilson Sporting Goods to implement small devices into everyday gear. The video shows how radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking devices are placed into the shoulder pads that an athlete wears. These trackers are paired with about 20-30 sensors that line the top of a given football stadium.

An example of data that Next Gen Stats can provide

Together, this technology allows data analysts to measure things like speed, height off of the ground, and distance from the nearest defender. In addition, micro-circuitry is being integrated into the footballs to give feedback to quarterbacks on things such as spiral quality and throwing velocity.

This data is not exclusive:

“Raw data is provided to all 32 clubs, giving each team the flexibility to develop custom analytics and proprietary statistics.”

Next Gen Stats makes their technology available to all of the NFL teams, so they can all have an equal and fair opportunity to use it to their advantage.

This technology is not only helping the athlete’s experience, but the experience of the viewer as well. Providing these statistics to viewers during a production can help fans understand the speeds of their favorite players compared to others, how intense a match-up between a defensive back and a wide receiver will be, and how improbable a catch is. Additionally, Xbox and Microsoft have partnered with Next Gen Stats to incorporate their data into video games, making a more realistic and entertaining experience for a gamer.

Microsoft and Next Gen Stats

In conclusion, Next Gen Stats is completely changing the football experience through their innovative concepts and new technology. The goal of this partnership between NGS and the NFL is to “continue to balance innovation with tradition”, which they are accomplishing.