February 12, 2019 Bonnie Ko

The Importance of Technology in Modern Education

Technology is powerful. It influences and changes our lives, our lifestyle; it impacts the way we communicate, the way we receive and share information. When we open our eyes and take a look around us, we can easily see that technology is everywhere. Technology is utilized by hundreds and thousands of people all around the world. Nowadays, technology has formed the requisites of our life. Technology is an essential tool to improve and develop the way we live and learn. It enables people to communicate with others who are living across the world regardless of place and time. Technology progressed significantly over time, becoming an indispensable tool in modern education.

Haris Papamichael, the Director of Educational Technology at Victory explained that technology allows teachers to “find lesson, activities, and materials to innovate and supplement their current classes”. Through the use of technology, teachers can provide and share online resources for students, allowing them to continue learning after school. Technology also allows students to learn from experts without having to worry about high costs and wasted time on the road when they are in need of a tutor or private educational institute, as they no longer need to worry about the transit expenses and their wasted time.

The world changes every second, every minute due to the use of technologies in the world. Unlike a few decades ago, younger generations these days are more familiar with an environment where technologies are used. As stated by David Warlick, a noted education technologist, “We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand, because it is the pen and paper of our time, and it is the lens through which we experience much of our world”, it is important to accept new changes.  As technology becomes one of the biggest parts of our lives, it is important for students to learn how to utilize them in a correct, and useful way, regarding the impact of technology. With technology, students can control and adjust their studies to their own pace, without having to adjust to the traditional classroom.

In terms of education, active discussion and debates are extremely important. Whether it is an office worker, professor, student or parents, people learn and form opinions through discussions. However, due to the conflict in schedules and transportation, it is hard to find a proper time to meet to communicate and share knowledge. Here, technology helps, as it provides a space for people to create online forums, enabling them to connect with each other more easily. Integrating technology into education empowers students and teachers to have deeper knowledge and understanding, by providing them enormous space to do practically anything they need.





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