February 16, 2020 Mae Abreu

The Innovation of Solar Glass

What if windows could generate energy?

The New Innovation of Solar Windows

Mae Abreu

      New innovations are being created every day in order to combat the needs and struggles of our world.  Humans are starting to move away from energy created by fossil fuels, and starting to move towards other ways to power necessities.  These ways include electrical, wind, and solar energy. Most humans who decide to use solar energy to power their buildings use solar panels to do so.  However, a new innovation called solar windows has just hit the market. With this invention businesses won’t have to buy those bulky and non aesthetically pleasing solar panels.  Being aesthetically pleasing to a customer is an important trait for a business to have. Companies need to attract the customer’s eyes in the first place, and solar windows can help with that.  Another benefit of choosing to purchase solar windows is that they can channel light energy from all angles. This is convenient for buildings without ideal light exposure. It helps them to create energy to power their building while still tending to the environmental issues of our world today. Solar windows are a new and improved innovation that creates energy for businesses to thrive on.  They don’t require ideal lighting, and they are aesthetically pleasing.  

For more information visit this site: https://goingsolar.com/windows-double-as-solar-panels/

Here is a video about solar windows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hcb0-xfYN7U


Here is a picture of what solar windows look like: