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Teen Impact Accelerator - Youth Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program

Propel your teen into a transformative journey of global leadership & social entrepreneurship. Designed with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in mind, this program ensures actionable strategies and real-world project outputs.


K12 Digital Marketing & Branding Mastery with Virtual Internship

Dive into the dynamic world of digital marketing & branding. Equip your child with in-demand skills from SEO to AR/VR, all while gaining real-world experience through an immersive virtual internship.


K-12 Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Finance, Investment, and Entrepreneurship

Equip the next generation with the essential tools of finance, investment, and entrepreneurship. This course guarantees a comprehensive understanding, ensuring a future-ready financial landscape for your child.


LEGO-based Sustainability and Global Program for Young Minds

Engage young minds in an exhilarating LEGO adventure, rooted in sustainability and global citizenship. This hands-on experience ensures the development of the critical 6Cs, preparing them for a collaborative future.


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"Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become innovative leaders, transcending traditional boundaries. Through our comprehensive programs, we equip students with both hard and soft skills, ensuring they’re poised for success in college, careers, and beyond."


Technology | Innovation | Entrepreneurship EDUCATION


Based in New York, USA, we stand as a premier educational technology and consulting firm. Our meticulously crafted programs are engineered to nurture students into future leaders and pioneers of change.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

Partnering with individuals and organizations, we craft bespoke strategies, integrating technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship into curricula or projects. Our design thinking approach ensures empathy and a deep understanding of unique resources and circumstances.

Web Design & Mastery

A robust online presence is pivotal in today’s digital age. Guiding our students, we teach them to design and develop custom websites, spotlighting their projects effectively.

Digital Branding & Outreach

Effective digital marketing forms the backbone of impactful communication. Whether you’re an individual kickstarting a social venture or a school initiating groundbreaking programs, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise spans social media management, search optimization, and tailored content marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Maintenance & Support

Your success is our commitment. We’re always here to support and guide you every step of the way.

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Technology | Innovation | Entrepreneurship

Dive into the essence of the T.I.E. program: How can it catalyze your journey in K-12 innovation and entrepreneurship education?


Within the framework of K-12 innovation and entrepreneurship education, technology emerges as a vital pillar. It compels students to consider: How are modern tech advancements shaping the K-12 landscape? What core skills do students need to navigate this digital era confidently? This section’s objective is to acquaint students with current technological trends, ensuring they can adeptly harness these tools as they venture into innovation and entrepreneurial domains during their K-12 journey.


In the realm of K-12 innovation and entrepreneurship education, innovation stands as a cornerstone. It prompts students to reflect on questions such as: What sparks transformative change in the K-12 context? How can young learners foster a mindset primed for novelty and evolution? This segment aims to cultivate an innovative spirit, equipping students with the ability to devise unique solutions and understand the dynamics of breakthrough innovations tailored to their educational stage.


Highlighting K-12 innovation and entrepreneurship education, the entrepreneurship segment drives students to explore queries like: How can youthful entrepreneurs turn ideas into actionable ventures? What foundational principles should K-12 students grasp to recognize and seize market opportunities? The section’s goal is to navigate students through the entrepreneurial process, laying the groundwork for them to lead and innovate within their educational and community environments.

The Three Main ``Tracks``

T.I.E. is a beacon in the realm of K-12 entrepreneurship and innovation education, unfolding across three core “tracks”. Diving deep into an expansive spectrum of STEAM subjects, students have the opportunity to select a specific track that aligns with their passion within the landscape of K-12 entrepreneurship and innovation education. This immersive journey offers engagements with field experts and peers, curated skill-building workshops, and specialized breakout sessions. Each final project team incorporates insights from every track, ensuring a holistic and compelling presentation in the context of K-12 entrepreneurship and innovation education.

Tailored for K12 students, the T.I.E. program offers an immersive experience in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Central to our curriculum is the emphasis on career readiness and honing 21st Century skills, which encompass:

Technology Mastery

Grasp the fundamentals of HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and other pivotal coding languages.

Creative Vision

Harness the power of design thinking and artistic perspectives to ideate and innovate.

Team Collaboration

Collaboratively work with peers, channeling collective insights to craft groundbreaking products.

Analytical Insights

Refine critical thinking capabilities, fostering solution-driven approaches to real-world challenges.

Global Perspective

Cultivate a cross-cultural understanding, thinking and empathizing as a true global citizen.

Entrepreneurial Strategy

Decipher the art of value propositions, intricate business plans, and persuasive pitches in the realm of K-12 innovation and entrepreneurship education.

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