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Course Overview:

Empower your child with our K12 Digital Marketing & Branding Course with a Virtual Internship. Dive deep into SEO, PPC, social media, and emerging digital trends. Beyond learning, they’ll gain hands-on experience through a unique virtual internship. With expert sessions and immersive practical projects, students will grasp the nuances of today’s digital landscape. Furthermore, this program will provide insights into the principles of e-commerce, and the future of marketing with AR and VR. To supplement the learning, our course features real-world case studies and feedback from industry professionals. Image: A snapshot of students working on their digital projects.

Enroll now to future-proof your child’s skills in the digital age, and offer them a summer filled with practical marketing and branding experiences.

Core Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a comprehensive framework for crafting, analyzing, and executing digital marketing strategies.
  • Attain proficiency in a plethora of digital marketing tools and processes.
  • Dive deep into the multifaceted universe of digital advertising, while also staying updated on pioneering channels and trends.
  • Embrace strategies and metrics pivotal for success, optimization techniques, and adept planning.

Virtual Hands-On Experience: Students will be empowered with practical know-how across diverse digital channels:

  • Search: Dive into SEO and PPC tactics for optimal marketing.
  • Display: Explore advanced topics from banners to videos.
  • Email: Master the art of design and deployment.
  • Social: Unlock the power of networks, content, and inbound marketing.
  • Mobile: Navigate mobile web dynamics, apps, and location-based services.
  • E-commerce: Understand analytics, conversion tracking, and the nuances of branding.
  • Online Business Models: Grasp the mechanics of direct sales, digital distribution, and more.
  • Emerging Frontiers: Get a glimpse of the future with gaming, AR, VR, and beyond.

In the digital age, even traditional businesses perceive the Internet as an indispensable facet of marketing and customer relationship management. Our course amplifies this understanding, unraveling the Internet’s multifunctionality: from being a reservoir of product information and a potent PR tool to an advertising powerhouse and a customer service conduit. Key issues explored include:

  • Social Media Dynamics: Tread the fine line between behavioral targeting and privacy.
  • Digital Accountability: Delve into tracking, click fraud, and related challenges.
  • Multichannel Online Marketing: Discover the interconnected world of online marketing, from search engines and emails to blogs and more.

Furthermore, our collaboration with industry speakers and real-world project companies ensures a tangible learning experience, fortified by feedback from seasoned practitioners.

Your Takeaway: By the end of this course, students will not only be equipped with cutting-edge digital marketing expertise but will also have experienced the dynamics of a virtual internship, making them future-ready in the realm of K12 innovation and entrepreneurship education.

8 weeks of Learning

Combination of live online classes and asynchronous coursework to learn about digital marketing and branding.

4+ weeks of Internship

Intern with real startup companies applying skills learned. Weekly review and internship support sessions.

K12 Digital Marketing & Branding Mastery with Virtual Internship: 8-Week Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing Landscape

  • Session Topic: Understanding the Digital Ecosystem: Past, Present, and Future
  • Learning Goals:
    • Familiarize with the evolution and significance of digital marketing.
    • Recognize the potential and challenges of online marketing in today’s world.

Week 2: Delving into Search

  • Session Topic: Mastering SEO and PPC: The Cornerstones of Online Visibility
  • Learning Goals:
    • Grasp the basics of Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising.
    • Understand keyword research, search algorithms, and ad bidding strategies.

Week 3: Display Marketing and Email Mastery

  • Session Topic: Beyond Banners: Interactive Display and Effective Email Campaigns
  • Learning Goals:
    • Dive into advanced display marketing techniques, including interactive and video ads.
    • Design and implement compelling email campaigns with a focus on open rates and conversions.

Week 4: Social Media Marketing

  • Session Topic: Harnessing Social Networks: From Content Creation to Inbound Marketing
  • Learning Goals:
    • Develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.
    • Understand content curation, audience engagement, and metrics for success.

Week 5: Mobile Marketing Dynamics

  • Session Topic: Exploring Mobile Web, Apps, and Location-Based Services
  • Learning Goals:
    • Comprehend the unique features and challenges of mobile marketing.
    • Design mobile-centric campaigns and grasp the essence of geo-targeted marketing.

Week 6: E-commerce and Online Business Models

  • Session Topic: From Clicks to Sales: Conversion Optimization and Digital Sales Strategies
  • Learning Goals:
    • Understand e-commerce site analytics, conversion funnels, and user experience design.
    • Explore various online business models and their revenue-generation strategies.

Week 7: Emerging Trends and Technologies

  • Session Topic: Navigating the New: AR, VR, Gaming, and Beyond
  • Learning Goals:
    • Get acquainted with cutting-edge digital marketing technologies.
    • Discuss their potential impact and integration into holistic marketing strategies.

Week 8: Virtual Internship Kickoff and Project Integration

  • Session Topic: From Learning to Practice: Starting the Digital Marketing Journey
  • Learning Goals:
    • Review and integrate all learned topics into a cohesive digital marketing strategy.
    • Initiate virtual internships, setting clear objectives and expectations for real-world applications.


  • Target: Middle, High School, and College students
  • Dates: 2024 dates will be announced soon
  • All live sessions will be recorded; no makeups for missed classes
  • Asynchronous learning will occur through Canvas
  • Instruction: English
  • Cost: $

To Register, please use the link below:

Why Enroll? Dive deep into SEO, PPC, and social media with our tailor-made program. Not only will students be immersed in the current trends, but they will also forecast the future of digital landscapes. By leveraging insights from expert sessions, we ensure that our course remains at the forefront of digital education.

Hands-on Experience: Beyond traditional learning, our program stands out because of its unique virtual internship. This feature ensures students have an opportunity to apply their knowledge in real-world settings. For instance, through practical projects, they will grasp intricate nuances and gain unmatched experience.

E-commerce & Future Trends: The digital world is vast, and e-commerce is at its helm. Our curriculum provides a deep dive into e-commerce principles and how they shape the online market. Moreover, we touch upon futuristic elements like AR and VR, ensuring students are prepared for the next wave of digital transformation.

Feedback from Professionals: Learning is amplified when theory meets practicality. We’ve incorporated real-world case studies and inputs from industry mavens. This blend guarantees that our students receive holistic feedback and can refine their skills, making them industry-ready.

Final Thoughts: In conclusion, our course is more than just another digital marketing program. It’s a journey where students evolve into professionals. By bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world application, we promise an enriching experience. So, enroll now and be a part of this transformative journey.



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