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Teen Impact Accelerator

Youth Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program

In the face of an increasingly interconnected world, the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) present a robust vision for 2030. These goals underscore the urgency of fostering global leadership, collaboration, and innovation. Yet, many educational systems are still catching up, often discussing these goals without actionable strategies.

Enter the Teen Impact Accelerator – a transformative Youth Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program. This program doesn’t just discuss; it equips. We’re here to embolden teens to channel their passions into tangible solutions for global challenges. Offering both educational and incubator elements, our program guides students in launching meaningful projects, in partnership with global stakeholders. Participants dive into an entrepreneurial expedition, spanning leadership, global citizenship, empathetic design, and the harnessing of technological innovations. Tailored for both middle and high schoolers, we blend the richness of STEAM with humanities to craft a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach.

With a mix of live, recorded, and immersive sessions, students get unprecedented opportunities to network with global trailblazers. Their journey culminates in real-world outputs – be it a social enterprise blueprint, research papers, digital platforms like apps or websites, or other creative showcases. These projects aren’t just academic exercises; they’re doorways to collaborations with changemakers and impact investors worldwide.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Self-Reflection: Understanding personal identity and how it shapes perspectives.
  • Cultural Immersion: Establishing profound cultural connections and fostering empathy.
  • Leadership Dynamics: Recognizing individual leadership styles and their implications.
  • Risk and Innovation: Challenging norms and embracing intellectual adventures.
  • Collaboration: Partnering with global entities for tangible social impact.
  • Digital Era Impact: Grasping the significance of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Core Values: Delving into personal beliefs and value systems.
  • Design Innovation: Leveraging design thinking to ideate solutions with tangible impacts.
  • Problem Solving: Identifying global challenges and mobilizing efforts for positive change.

Programmatic Highlights:

  • Cultivate a critical perspective on global shifts, understanding the intricate ties binding our world.
  • Engage in hands-on problem-solving, leveraging STEAM and mastering tools of the modern digital economy.
  • Benefit from rich interactions with top-tier educators, pioneering social entrepreneurs, and industry leaders.
  • Craft and present a sustainable project, with potential for post-program growth.
  • Learn digital marketing and branding strategies to amplify project visibility.
  • Enhance cross-cultural acumen, empathy, and articulate communication skills.

Program Details and Registration Info

TEEN IMPACT ACCELERATOR: 8-Week Curriculum Guide

Week 1: Introduction to Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship

  • Learning Goals:
    • Understand the principles of global leadership.
    • Introduction to the UN’s SDGs and their importance.
    • Overview of social entrepreneurship and its impact.

Week 2: Self-awareness & Personal Identity

  • Learning Goals:
    • Reflect on individual identity and its role in global dynamics.
    • Engage in self-assessment exercises.
    • Discuss how personal values and beliefs shape leadership style.

Week 3: The Power of Empathy & Cultural Immersion

  • Learning Goals:
    • Recognize the importance of empathy in global leadership.
    • Participate in virtual cultural immersion activities.
    • Explore case studies on cross-cultural collaboration successes.

Week 4: Foundations of Social Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking

  • Learning Goals:
    • Delve into the core elements of social entrepreneurship.
    • Introduction to design thinking as a problem-solving tool.
    • Engage in a mini design thinking workshop.

Week 5: Collaborative Strategies & Networking in the Digital Era

  • Learning Goals:
    • Understand the significance of collaboration for global impact.
    • Learn about networking in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
    • Engage in simulated networking sessions.

Week 6: Social Impact Technologies & Innovation

  • Learning Goals:
    • Explore technologies driving social change.
    • Understand the role of innovation in problem-solving.
    • Workshop on ideating tech-driven solutions for chosen global challenges.

Week 7: Crafting a Social Enterprise Proposal

  • Learning Goals:
    • Understand the components of a successful social enterprise blueprint.
    • Engage in group discussions to refine and critique proposals.
    • Start drafting a real-world solution or initiative.

Week 8: Presentations & The Way Forward

  • Learning Goals:
    • Present the drafted solutions or initiatives to peers and instructors.
    • Receive constructive feedback on proposals.
    • Discuss next steps and resources for further development post-program.


  • 1.5-hour weekly live sessions
  • 1-2 hour weekly small group meetups & assignments


  • Live (also recorded) class via ZOOM
  • Asynchronous class via CANVAS
  • A laptop, desktop, or smartphone is required 


$ –


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K12 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education: Integrating STEAM & Humanities

The Youth Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program represents a groundbreaking merger of K12 innovation and entrepreneurship education. Through an interdisciplinary lens, we blend both STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) and humanities. This synergy ensures, for instance, that a budding coder also grasps the ethical considerations and humanistic touchpoints crucial when developing a new mobile app. Likewise, future policymakers should be equipped with insights into cutting-edge technologies like autonomous driving. As a result, our students gain a holistic skill set, enabling them to innovatively address real-world challenges—whether it’s launching a tech startup, spearheading a social media campaign, developing mobile applications, establishing NGOs, or publishing influential research papers.


Focus: Delve into the realm of state-of-the-art technologies. Equip students to navigate future industries, fostering adaptability, and a tech-forward approach in a dynamic digital age.


Focus: Cultivate a design thinking mindset. Champion innovation and empathy, guiding students in mastering user-centric design strategies and embracing diverse cultural perspectives.


Focus: Fuel entrepreneurial aspirations. Provide a platform for students to apply business insights, risk analysis, and soft skills, molding the future’s trailblazing and strategic entrepreneurs.

Examples of T.I.E. topics covered

Blockchain Technologies

Financial Literacy


Design Thinking

AI & Machine Learning

Finance & Accounting


Digital Marketing

The social entrepreneurial design process and final deliverables

Examples of Final Projects

Research Paper

Competition Entry

Start Up

Mobile App

Why Should You Enroll in Our K12 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education?

Enrolling in our Youth Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program can significantly enhance your college applications and future career prospects. By immersing yourself in the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate our fast-evolving digital era. Moreover, your contributions through the program will play a pivotal role in fostering positive global change. Join us and make a difference while future-proofing your skills and ambitions!

Technological advancements are accelerating the rate of change in just about everything. But education hasn't kept pace. We must transform how we learn!

Unlocking Diversity in STEAM

Diversity is pivotal in the rapidly evolving STEAM domain. Especially for young women and underrepresented communities, there’s an urgency to close the gap. As of now, women constitute just 15-25% of the STEM workforce, highlighting a distinct gender disparity. This inequity not only reinforces prejudiced notions but also widens the gender pay gap and diminishes the presence of female mentors for future generations. Particularly concerning is the underrepresentation of women of color. Together, let’s reshape this narrative. Empower yourself with us and drive change!

Elevate Your College Prospects

College admissions prioritize holistic development. Engaging in our Youth Global Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship Program showcases your dedication, resilience, and curiosity—attributes universities value. Dive into an interdisciplinary world that intertwines STEAM and humanities, setting you apart in college applications.

Lay the Groundwork for Your Career Aspirations

Your future is only a horizon away, and our TIE Program offers the bridge to reach it. Benefit from real-world experiences through diverse internships and early career opportunities. Experience the myriad of roles the entrepreneurial and technological world has to offer. Seize this unique chance, laying robust foundations for tomorrow, today!

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