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Passion Project Changemaker Academy

The rapidly evolving landscape of college admissions and the job market underscores the critical importance of developing a robust set of future-proof skills early on.

The landscape of college admissions and career readiness is rapidly shifting. No longer is academic prowess alone enough to secure a place in prestigious institutions or ensure career success. Top schools and colleges are increasingly valuing personal qualities and character alongside academic achievements. These personal attributes include leadership, initiative, resilience, and a commitment to service, which are seen as indicators of a student’s potential to make a positive impact on their campus and the world at large.

Recent admissions trends reveal that colleges are conducting a more holistic review of applicants, looking beyond grades and test scores to understand the individual as a whole. The qualities of a good college student include not only leadership and willingness to take risks but also a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to service. These traits are becoming as important as academic accomplishments in the admissions process.

Furthermore, there’s a growing emphasis on diversity and inclusion, with admissions officers increasingly seeking to create rich, varied student bodies that include not just class valedictorians but also students who are deeply involved in a range of activities and bring unique talents to the table. This reflects a broader trend in society and the workplace, where companies and organizations seek out individuals who are ready to tackle global challenges, much like those outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Passion Project Changemaker Academy has taken these evolving needs into account, focusing on four core subjects: Global Economics & Financial Literacy, Technology such as AI and Blockchain Literacy, and Design Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship. Through these subjects, we aim to develop the skills and character necessary for students to become innovators and leaders capable of addressing complex issues in a world increasingly shaped by advanced technologies like generative AI and robots.

To validate the urgent need for these skills, consider the rising trend of colleges dropping SAT/ACT test scores and emphasizing the role of character in their assessments. A student’s capacity to exhibit character traits such as grit and compassion is becoming just as important as showcasing leadership and intellectual achievements.

Image: Relative importance of each of the following academic and nonacademic factors in your first-time, first-year, degree-seeking (freshman) admission decisions at MIT. Source: MIT common data set

The Four Program Pillars

Global Economics

Understanding the interconnected global market is vital. Our program brings economics to life with engaging simulations and case studies.

AI & Blockchain Literacy

We demystify the technologies shaping our future. Interactive coding sessions and blockchain workshops unveil the power behind these tools.

Design Thinking

Creative problem-solving becomes second nature as students tackle real-world challenges, fostering an innovation and entrepreneurial mindset.


Master the fundamentals of financial savvy with our focused training. Learn budgeting, investing, and economic trends through interactive lessons and real-life scenarios.

Program Details & Registration Info

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Skill-Building Workshops

Weekly interactive sessions with industry experts and college mentors focus on real-world projects, competitions, and insights into innovative fields like economics, finance, and cutting-edge technologies.

Real-World Projects and Competitions

Hands-on experience through collaborative projects and global competitions that foster creativity, problem-solving, and the entrepreneurial spirit needed to address the world’s most pressing challenges, aligning with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Parental Engagement

Monthly sessions to keep parents informed and involved, recognizing the pivotal role they play in their child’s education and future success.

Evidence-Based Approach

Incorporation of top colleges such as MIT’s admissions criteria, highlights the importance of character and personal qualities in the admission process, as well as career readiness.

Program Details

  • 2-hour monthly 1:1 student mentoring and consulting sessions
  • 1-hour monthly 1:1 parent strategic consulting sessions
  • Weekly live or recorded sessions (accessible 24/7)
    • Guest speaker series
      • Industry professionals
      • College students from various majors
    • Skill building sessions
      • Technology such as GenAI and blockchain (no prior experience or expertise required)
      • Money, finance, and global economics
      • Design thinking
      • Entrepreneurship
      • International relations
      • Digital marketing and personal branding
    • Competition preparation or practice
    • Current events and trends
  • Long-term personal passion project building

Program Main Instructor

  • Sam Ahn
    • Professional background
      • Director, Passion Academies, Stony Brook School NY (current)
      • Director, Institute of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship, Miss Porter’s School CT
    •  Education background
      • Ed.D. candidate, Instructional Technology and Media, Columbia University
      • Ed.M., M.A. Computing in Education, Columbia University
      • B.A. Economics, UCLA

Target Students

  • Grades 6-11 (as of fall ’24)
  • Students interested in pursuing passion projects and building extra-curricular activity profile
  • Intellectual curiosity and willingness to learn


  • Price: $4,000 per year (paid upfront at the beginning of the year)
    • ** Special offer ** – those who complete registration and payment by March 2024 will get 2 months free added or April will get 1 month free. First-time registrant only.
  • Must complete a short application, submit a transcript, and complete a 20-minute Zoom interview.


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Schools & Colleges

Some of many top schools where our students have matriculated in the last several years.


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