"Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become future leaders

We inspire students to become catalysts for shape-shifting, leaping far beyond the boundaries of normalities. Our programs empower students through hard and soft skill building and knowledge beyond college and career opportunities."


How can we best utilize technology help solve real-world problems?


What are some innovative and outside-the-box approaches to solutions?


How can we use entrepreneurial thinking to create viable solution?

Technology. Innovation. Entrepreneurship.

Our T.I.E. Program…

T.I.E. program is designed to provide middle and high school students with an inspiring, hands-on experience in technology and entrepreneurship. The program will focus on career readiness and 21st Century skill development, including:

T.I.E. Director, Sam Ahn

Technology Literacy

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and other coding languages


Using design thinking and art to come up with creative solutions


Learning to collaborate with other students to develop a product

Critical Thinking

practicing critical thinking skills to come up with solutions to problems

Cross-Cultural Fluency

Learning to think as a global citizen and empathize

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Value proposition, business plans and pitch


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The Three Main ``Tracks``

T.I.E. consists of three main “tracks.” The program will cover a broad range of STEAM topics from which students can choose a specialty track to further explore in depth. This may include talking to experts and current students in the specific field, skill development workshops and other breakout sessions to further enhance a student’s interest in a given track. Final project teams will have at least one member from each track to ensure a well-rounded presentation and pitch.


Emerging technologies and coding


Design thinking, UI/UX, game design, biotech, and robotics


Startups, Value Proposition, and VC Financing

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