BioTechnology from New York City to Shanghai and Seoul

An immersive, one-of-a-kind global summer experience for high school girls in biotechnology.

From New York City to Seoul, this unique, three-week Biotech program is designed to provide high school students with an inspiring, hands-on experience in the booming biotechnology industry. The program’s focus is for students to gain maximum exposure to this emerging, growing field that lies at the intersection of science, entrepreneurship, ethics, and law.

Students will be exposed to a wide range of eye-opening experiences with an agenda comprised of the following: interactive project-based activities; lectures and training from industry professionals and university professors; site visits to technology labs and companies; and design, production and research activities. These activities will culminate in a final group project in which students will design and develop solutions to address problems in health and medicine.

Part I: Introduction to Biotechnology in New York City
New York City has committed $500 million dollars to build a biotech hub that will rival those found in Boston and San Francisco. The city’s plan earmarks $100 million for a life science campus that will anchor the New York biotech community. The intersection of technology, engineering and entrepreneurship are all at the heart of this biotech revolution.

For a week this summer, MPS Biotechnology in the Big Apple will bring girls to the epicenter of New York’s biotechnology ecosystem. In this immersive experience, students will gain exposure to this exciting field as they learn from and visit with biotech companies and leading scientists. With 40+ hours of instruction – guest lecturers and panels, hands-on labs and projects, site visits to biotech companies and incubators – students will gain broad exposure to the field of biotechnology through direct contact with the leaders in the field – an opportunity that goes far beyond what could be gained in a traditional campus-based, semester course.

Part II: Biotech Immersion in Shanghai and Seoul
Coming up with affordable health care solutions in the world’s most populous region presents an enormous challenge, but consequently provides enormous opportunities for innovation and business. Korea, as one of the most innovative countries in the region, is at the epicenter of this challenge and has been investing heavily in “next-gen technologies” including AI and bio-pharmaceuticals, including a $22B investment by Samsung announced in August 2018.

Over the course of two weeks in Korea, students will immerse themselves in cutting edge biotech industries through workshops at KAIST’s (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, also known as the “MIT of the East”) Brain and Bio-Engineering program and hands-on internships and research projects at biotech startups and incubators. Students would get to learn in depth one of the two tracks for this program: 1) learning about the business and investment sides of biotechnology through a biotech Venture Capital firm, or 2) participation in research at biotech funded startup companies.

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    New York City (US), Shanhgai (China), and Seoul (Korea)

  • YEAR:

    Summer 2019