LEGO-based Global Citizenship & Sustainability Camp in Seoul

LEGO-based Sustainability and Global Program for Young Minds

Program Overview:
Welcome to a future-centric adventure where creativity meets global responsibility. In our exclusive “Building a Sustainable Future with LEGO Bricks” program, young minds between the ages of 4-10 are not only exposed to interactive learning but are also immersed in a framework that gears them toward a more sustainable and globally-aware future.

Introduction to Sustainability: Through LEGO building activities, participants will grasp the foundational principles of sustainability, understanding how each building block contributes to a larger, eco-friendly community.
Global Citizenship: As children collaboratively construct their LEGO cities, they will gain insights into global cultures, customs, and the value of unity in diversity.
Developing the 6Cs for Future Leaders: This program places a significant emphasis on the holistic development of children by enhancing their six crucial competencies: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Cultural Competency, and Character Education.

Course Modules:
1. Foundations of City Planning: Learn the basics of designing a city, understanding zoning, and the importance of green spaces.
2. Cultural Diversity in Architecture: Explore architectural wonders from around the world and replicate them using LEGO bricks.
3. Sustainability and Eco-friendly Structures: Understand the significance of sustainable buildings, and renewable energy sources, and design LEGO models incorporating these elements.
4. Character and Community: Engage in activities that emphasize respect, responsibility, and the essence of community in a city.
5. Global Challenges and Solutions: Delve deep into current global challenges like pollution, overpopulation, and waste management, brainstorming LEGO-based solutions.
6/ Wrap-up and City Presentation: Towards the end, participants will get an opportunity to present their city, discussing the rationale behind their designs and the lessons learned during the process.

Teaching Methodology:
Our pedagogical approach is immersive and interactive. With a blend of guided instruction, team collaboration, and individual projects, children get a well-rounded experience. They’re encouraged to experiment, iterate, and present their ideas, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in their creations.

Why Choose This Program?
In a rapidly globalizing and urbanizing world, understanding sustainability and global interdependence is pivotal. By simulating city-building with LEGO bricks, children not only develop cognitive and social skills but are also introduced to these concepts in a fun and engaging manner. As they play, they prepare – for a future where they can be conscientious citizens and innovative problem solvers.

LEGO Global Citizenship & Sustainability #camp

    Seoul, Bundang, and Jeju (Korea)

  • YEAR:

    Summer 2023