Create real-world solutions to elite athletes and celebrities entering the China market

Sports & Entertainment Management & Marketing with Internship

The Sports and Entertainment Management & Marketing program is a one-of-a-kind program for Chinese high school age students who are studying in the US or have a keen interest in Chinese commerce. We have exclusive partnership with Crave Global, a leading technology company serving athletes and celebrities who wish to enhance their brand in China. Their clients include Giannas Antetokounmpo (NBA), Kyler Murray (NFL), and Thibaut Courtois (Premier League), among other highly prominent athletes, as well as popular entertainers DreamDoll and Maggie Q.

We seek high-achieving students who have a passion or significant interest in the intersection of global sports, entertainment, business, technology, social media, and design. This unique, one-of-a-kind program will be delivered by a cohort of exceptional students who will engage in weekly meetups, skill development courses, and collaborative teamwork to design proposals and create value propositions for actual Crave Global clients. Competitive selection begins immediately.

The program will focus on career readiness and the growth of core competencies and skills that differentiate students from peers on college applications or on resumes, including:

  • technology literacy
  • creativity
  • collaboration
  • critical thinking
  • cross-cultural fluency
  • entrepreneurship
  • social influence
  • empathy

Students will be exposed to a wide range of eye-opening experiences with an agenda comprising interactive project-based activities; teaching, training, and guest lectures from industry professionals, university professors, alumni, and current students in the areas of data science, sports analytics, technology, and hospitality management; and design, production and research activities. 

From the web to mobile, email to apps, social media, and user-generated content, the digital marketing portion of the course will develop a strategic framework for planning and analyzing digital marketing strategies. Students will leave the course with a working knowledge of the tools and processes for creating, managing, and executing digital marketing plans. 

This will also include the range of digital advertising and marketing channels as well as touch upon new and emerging channels and developments. The discussion will focus on strategies and metrics for success, measurement and optimization techniques, and planning and goal setting. Using a variety of practical tools and techniques in practical exercises and projects, students will gain an understanding of using digital channels to achieve their marketing goals. 

About Crave Global

The world’s first end-to-end, social commerce solution for global celebrities, organizations and brands to efficiently establish, grow and monetize their fan/customer base within China.

Crave Is The Celebrity’s Trusted Partner In China

  • CRAVE doesn’t just partner and promote their celebrity clientele, they invest into each of their clients.
  • CRAVE invests in each celebrity by developing customized brands and intellectual property which provides the celebrity with perpetual ownership.
  • CRAVE then promotes and facilitates sales of the celebrity’s bespoke brand into the largest marketplace on the planet: The Greater China Region

4+ months of learning and doing

Combination of live (once a week) Zoom classes and asynchronous classes to learn and collaborate on real ongoing projects.

4+ weeks of Internship

Intern with Crave Global by applying skills learned. Weekly review and internship support sessions.


Classes and Meetings will be via Zoom. 

2022-3 School year

  • late November
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship Meet and greet the CEO of Crave Global (CG)
      • Learn entrepreneurship, value proposition & business canvas, and venture capital investment
    • Sports & Entertainment Management
      • “Soft power” and international relations
      • Meet and learn to understand the unique needs of professionals in the sports, entertainment, and hospitality industries
  • December-January
    • Introduction to Digital Marketing
      • Learn search engine optimization, content and social media marketing; compare and contrast China and US technologies and digital marketing strategies
      • Research trends in social media and propose opportunities for CG clients Design Thinking activities, prototyping, and projects
  • February-March
    • Finance & accounting for entrepreneurs
      • How to put together business plan and pitch deck
      • Final presentation, feedback, and discussion on proposals

* March – spring break in-person camp may open (requires separate registration)


  • Target:
    • Rigorously selected high school students who identify as Chinese, Chinese-American, or have a keen interest in Chinese commerce
  • Dates: November ’22 – Mar ’23
  • Live sessions: Most live sessions will occur on weekends for up to 2 hours and they will be recorded; no makeups for missed sessions
  • LMS platform: Canvas for asynchronous learning
  • Instruction: English

To Register, please use the link below:



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